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Local heritage book of Ströbeck

The Schachdorf (chess village) Ströbeck is located in the northern foothills of the Harz Mountain range, approx. 7 kilometers west of Halberstadt, or on the south side of Huys in the district of Harz in Saxony-Anhalt. The earliest mention of Ströbeck can be found in an official document, chartered by King Otto III on October 20, 995. The total population of Ströbeck reached approx. 1000 by the end of 2018.

Today,  Ströbeck is a district of the town of Halberstadt.

Ströbeck is mainly known for its traditional passion for the game of chess, which has characterized Ströbeck for over 1000 years. Since 1991 Ströbeck bears the official name Schachdorf (chess village) Ströbeck. According to legend, in 1011 a noble prisoner of the Bishop of Halberstadt, taught the game to the prison guards responsible for securing him in the Ströbecker defense tower, which is located approx. 60 meters from the village square. From that day on, the game of chess has been passed down from one generation to the next and, in 1823; chess became a compulsory subject in the village schools curricula which, to the present day, still applies to the local elementary school.

Ströbeck’s chess game was first mentioned in writing in 1515. Chess games with traditionally costumed participants are documented as early as 1689 in Ströbeck. This tradition is continued today by the Ströbecker Schachverein (chess club), which was founded in 1883. Frederick the Great (Old Fritz) also visited Ströbeck, as the tradition of chess had aroused his interest. On the village square there is a large chess board, on which every year the Ströbecker chess festival takes place. A highlight of which is the “Ströbecker Lebendschachensemble” (live chess ensemble).The chess festival, the chess museum and the play with living chess figures testify to the tradition of the village. The mighty St. Pankratius Church was built in 1878 after the old church burned down after a lightning strike.

Among the most historically famous people of Ströbeck is Edward Salomon, who was born on the 10.08.1830 as Eduard Salomon. After the failed revolution of 1848/49, he left Germany together with his brother Friedrich and went to the USA. From 1862 to 1864, he was the eighth governor of the state of Wisconsin. The brother Friedrich, who was born on April 8, 1826 in Ströbeck, reached the rank of General during the American Civil War.
Some surnames like Ühre, Wiedenbein, Söllig, Wegener, Bartels or Harring could already be found around 1660 in Ströbeck and, even today remain synonymous to the residents in Ströbeck. Originally, the spellings of some surnames were different to their modern variants. For example, a gentleman, born as Valentin “Hacke”, is documented in his death certificate as Valentin “Haake”. Another example is: Newy - Naewy - Naewi - Newig – Naewig, which can make genealogy research very problematic.

This local family history book, should be used as a research aid only and, is very probably not complete, as there are many gaps in the church archives. It is not a binding document.

The most important source for the compilation of this local family book are the church records. Another source are the documents from the Historical City Archives of Halberstadt.

Do you have any comments or additions/changes? I would be very happy to receive them.
Good luck and happy reading.

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