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Local heritage book Schönfeld (Artern)

The village of Schönfeld, today part of Artern, is a very small village as are other places of the former administrative district of Voigtstedt. For centuries my Brambach ancestors lived here, so they were always of special interest to me in my family research. Because of the complex inter-relationships of local peasant families, I soon began to deal with all the families as a unit.

The sources for the OFB that I have developed are the church books of the St. Kilian zu Schönfeld church.
Part I from 1609 to 1799 was recently re-bound in 2 volumes and has suffered greatly over the course of time. Pages are missing; many are partially, up to 1/3 torn off. In the 1930s these 2 volumes were restored in accordance to what was possible at the time.
Part II from 1800 to 1930 is in immaculate condition.
I have combined the various spellings of surnames into modern day form. Every family researcher knows examples such as these; they all pertain to the same family.

Teckart, Dekert, Deckardt, Tekkert to Deckert
Heinigke, Hennigk, Hennecke to Hennicke
Scheffer, Schäffer, Schäfer, Schaefer to Schäffer
Jückschnabel, Gickschnabel to Gichtschnabel

Therefore, in looking through the surnames, different sounding variations should be considered imaginatively.
With exceptions, the references to persons who were born / married / died in other, mostly nearby places, were written out by me during years of work from the church books of these places.

I am responsible for any possible errors. Nevertheless, in such cases I hope for friendly support from other better-informed researchers.
I thank my dear wife for her patience with this time-consuming hobby.

Leverkusen, December 2011, Ingo Brambach

Translated by Karen G. Shepard and Ariste Trostel

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For further information concerning these data and, if you have additions, corrections or questions, please contact:
Ingo Brambach