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Local heritage book of Petkum

Petkum (local dialect: Petjem) is a part of the city of Embden in German East-Friesland. Petkum became part of the city of Embden in the year 1972. Before 1972 it was part of the Landkreis (county) Leer. The village celebrated its 1200 years’ existence in 2006.

As it was common in those days in East-Friesland, the first settlers built their dwellings on the typical hills in the countryside (called: Werften). As the village was comfortably situated near the river Ems and next to a small stream into the river Ems, one can assume that the village of Petkum was involved in commerce in East-Friesland at a very early stage.

In the village – in possession of the Ripperda family until the mid 17th century – there is a former castle that once belonged to a 15th century headman. In the days of the East-Friesian Earls, Petkum had a status called Herrlichkeit (Herrschaft) which made them in a certain way independent from their land owners.

The Evangelistic-Lutheran Church dates back to the 13th century and still contains elements from the time before the Reformation. The late gothic choir is made of a polygon, from which so-called ribs are sticking upwards, thus forming a roof with a checkered pattern. Up until today the community has “Patronatsrecht” (Church patronage rights), however these rights are no longer performed. (Source: Wikipedia)
This database with local family names was constructed by local initiative. Alterations, corrections or adding information please send to:

H.D. Gravemann
24558 Henstedt-Ulzburg


All names were standardized as much as possible.
(i.e. Hinrichs instead of Hinderks, Berends instead of Behrends, Beerends, Gerdes instead of Geerts, Gerdts etc.)
Unless otherwise shown, all persons are of Lutheran confession (so noted in the church records from  about 1870).


Copies of the Petkum KB church books, were donated by Mr Gotthard Schade, vicar in Petkum

33 to 40 Marriages from 1682 to 1694
40 to 45 Marriages from 1694 to 1698 (from 1699)
46 to 48 Marriages from 1699 to 1711
  Missing registers 1712 to 1728
45 Marriages from 1728 to 1730
  Missing registers 1731 to 1741
49 to 55 Marriages from 1742 to 1792
56 to 65 Births from 1681 to 1698
66 to 77 Births from 1700 to 1711
78 Births from 1712
79 to 120 Births from 1714 to 1747
121 to 146 Births from 1748 to 1783
11 to 19 Births from 1783 to 1792
26 to 28 Deaths from 1783 to 1792

The Church of the Latter Day Saints (LDS) has films for

  • Duplicate of Church Book 1828 - 1874 Film-Nr. 1187733 Items 1-4
  • Register Civil 1812-1814
  • Births, Marriages, Deaths 1812 Film-Nr.1258183 Item 8
  • Births, Marriages, Marriage legal documents, Deaths 1814 Film-Nr. 1257589 Items 21-24


Adding information from

  • other published OFB
  • Ost-Friesland  head tax1719, 1757 

translated by Leo Bakker, Veghel

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:: Contact
For further information concerning these data and, if you have additions, corrections or questions, please contact:
Hans-Dieter Gravemann