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Local heritage book of Benndorf/Naundorf (Geiseltal)

incl. Wernsdorf, Körbisdorf, Gräfendorf, Zützschdorf, Neidendorf

(Valley of Geisel-River - Stift Merseburg, Land Sachsen-Anhalt)


The Local Family Heritage Book is also with 8086 persons everything else as complete and is therefore in irregular distances to be supplemented. Despite all care it is not free of mistakes and to give a guarantee of its accuracy is impossible. It´s purpose is to collect the data of the above mentioned municipalities and to complete it in this way with the time. If someone can contribute with additions and/or corrections, please send them to the author of the Heritage Book: Steffan Bruns ( 

General references: If linkages are based on suppositions, they are accordingly pointed out . The way of writing surnames and names varies substantially in the course of time. In the data base all these different ways of writing are not to be found. In the case of repetitive names will be often (however not always) a uniform form used, in order to simplificate. Sometimes it is to note that persons with several first names are often called in the sources in different order and/or “valuation” , for example a „Karl Heinrich“ can also appear as „Heinrich Karl.“ 

Because of the data security rules the data are anonymizated to most persons of the 20-century. Who wishes further information can request it to the author any time.



I am trying to assembly local family albums of all the important places of my ancestors . Why? I see in it the ideal platform to mediate with genealogische data and to receive them. Because church books and similar documents are not available for most of my ancestor´s places . Many people have old church book copies, ancestor passports, family trees and other secondary sources, but these are often not freely available. Still worse is the fact that with the time a more of these data get lost forever. With the Heritage Book I would like to offer a platform to everyone who can contribute with something for the selected municipalities. So that one things leads to the other. 

As a puzzle I would like to summary all data and complete the ancestor trees of the selected munipalities . And to offer everyone a free and free-accessible source of informartion. It will remain an incomplete puzzle and it will never be perfect, but it should be as complete and correct as possible. I think this goal is possible, I need only help - thus, even if I repeat myself here - who can supply corrections and/or additions please send them to the author . So everyone can help everyone. Thanks! Everyone who asks can receive from the author a complete Gedcom file of the Heritage Book and avoids a laboriously copy (free of charge). 

What did I do so far? My most important data sources were the few still existing church books. There I have copied all I could find concerned to the selected places. From many, often incorrect data, I have tried to reconstruct. the true core.Further important sources were the fragments from local newspapers and particularly genealogische list archives, beyond that numerous private forwardings, data bases, web pages and other sources of information. The evaluation of the few existing church books and register offices is not ended yet. To note it that because of the bad sources , the Heritage Book does not have the high qualitative content like many others and also can never have. It is to be an assistance, can however own searches not replace 




Copyright notice - any commercial use of the data of the Heritage Book is forbidden without express permission of the author! 

Berlin-Pankow, den 15.5.2012

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:: Contact
For further information concerning these data and, if you have additions, corrections or questions, please contact:
Steffan Bruns