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Local heritage book Nassiedel

Nassiedel - Nasiedle (polish) - Násile or Násidle (Czesch)

The town of Nassiedel is geographically located in the southwest of the district Leobschütz (Upper Silesia).
•    Coordinates  50.1775°N   17.6963°O
•    TK25: 5872

Postkarte Nassiedel

The catholic church St. Jakob was built in 1880 by architect Carl Johann Bogislaw LÜDECKE .
The places Nassiedel, Turckau, Jakubowitz, Liptin, Krastillau (Chrastilau), Ehrenberg, Osterwitz also called Nekasanitz or Niekasanitz, Klemstein, Hratschein (Ratschein), Leimerwitz, Hochkretscham (Wodka to 1778) and occasional village Kaldaun,  have been recorded in the church register of Nassiedel.
A local heritage book exists for the place Hochkretscham (Wodka).

Abbreviations in the text: Jg = Junggeselle (bachelor), Jf = Jungfrau (virgin), Kr. = Kreis (district)

Sources: church book duplicate Nassiedel from 1688
    Church book Nassiedel 1690-2002 filmed by The Genealogical Society of Utah
    from that births 1688 – 1711 completely recorded, with parents
    from that births 1712 – 1898 partially recorded, will be added further
    from that births 1898-1901 completely recorded,
    Registry office Osterwitz births (Osterwitz and Kaldaun)1885-1890 completely recorded,
    Church book Jakubowitz weddings 1892-1946 recorded until 1900, will be added further

History: see Wikipedia

Contemporary history events:
1526 – 1742 Schlesien (Silesia) belonged to the territory of the Habsburgs
The thirties War from 1618 until 1648
The first Silesian War (1740–1742) Silesia is ceded to Prussia by the Habsburgs;
The second Silesian War (1744/45)
The seven-year War (1756–1763) Silesia remains with Prussia – Province Silesia,
Areas around Troppau and Teschen stay Austrian;
Napoléonic Wars (1792-1807)
Liberation Wars (1813-1815)
1. World War  (1914-1918)
2. World War  (1939-1945)

The local heritage book  is under construction and will continue to be supplemented with data.   
Thank you for their kind support to all persons, which have transmitted further data in the meantime.

I have tried to unify surnames whose spelling is similar and where familial relationships are suspected.
For the correctness of my informations and for occurring errors, I can not guarantee.
Supplements and corrections I accept gladly.

Ralf Macha

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For further information concerning these data and, if you have additions, corrections or questions, please contact:
Ralf Macha