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Local heritage book of Mucsi

Mucsi, in German Mutsching, is a village in the Tolna county of Hungary. I will refrain from providing a historical overview, given that such literature is already publicly available.

The collecting of information, discovered in the below mentioned registers, has not yet been completed and more updates are in the pipeline.

To avoid double entries, family and first names were simplified:
          e.g. Lucz, Lutz, Locz... -> Lotz
          e.g. Istvan, Stefan, Stephan ... -> Stephanus

All interested researchers are cordially invited to furnish me with more input, corrections or any other assistance so as to allow me to complete this publication.

To some extend I managed to collect data after the year 1920, which might be of some benefit to others, and, upon personal e-mail request, I may be in a position to forward the same to the requesting party.

The trace of my ancestors is lost with Georgius Göndöcs, born around 1810 and died on February 11, 1873 in Mucsi. He and his wife lived in Bonyhád for a long time and several children were born there. I would be very grateful for any information about their origins and marriage.

Source of Data/Information:
The vast majority of data/information was obtained from church registers and registry offices at (free access after registration) and at (chargeable).

Wolfgang Göndöcs

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:: Contact
For further information concerning these data and, if you have additions, corrections or questions, please contact:
Wolfgang Göndöcs