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Local heritage book of Lassan

Lassan is a small picturesque City on the Peene Channel with approximately 1,400 inhabitants.  It lies in the district of East Pomerania across the channel from Usedom Island between Wolgast and Anklam.

The community of Lassan with its Church of Saint John (Johanneskirche) is the focal point of the surrounding communities of Lassan-Vorwerk, Buggenhagen, Silberkuhle, Papendorf, Jamitzow, Klotzow, Wangelkow, Warnekow, Pulow, Klein Jasedow and Waschow.  Also many of the inhabitants of the neighboring villages and cities came to Lassen to be married or to have their children christened.  Thus the entries in the church books also include people in the area between Greifwald, Wolgast and Anklam as well as from the Island of Usedom.

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The dates of 28,200 persons and over 7,700 families up to the year 1870 are included in this data bank.  In progress is the goal of enlarging it to include data up to the year 1899.  The following primary sources were used:

  • Lassan church book 1709-1749—Baptisms, Consecrations and Marriages
  • Lassan church book 1750-1821—Baptisms, Consecrations and Marriages
  • Lassan marriages  1792-1899
  • Lassan baptisms  1792-1899
  • Lassan burials 1792-1899
  • Lassan Tax rolls and landed estate censuses
  • 1791 Directory of Inhabitants of the city of Lassen

The following served as additional secondary sources:

  • The History of the City of Lassan from 1862 by Karl Viohl
  • Contributions to Lassan Local History by Interessengemeinschaft Heimatgeschichte Lassen e. V.
  • Landed Estates, Manors and Families of Lassan by Klaus Berge and Bernd Jordan
  • Contributing dates from Notes from the data bank.

Further information and details relating to these sources can be obtained from the author.

Additional research was and will continue to be done in the church books of the communities of Anklam, Bauer/Wehrland, Pinnow-Murchin, Ziethen, Schlatkow/Quilow, Rubkow/Bömitz and Groß Bünzow as well as at the Greifswald State Archive.  My goal is to tie these neighboring communities together as smoothly as possible to further family research.  Indeed this is not a one-man project.  Friendly help is always welcome.

My special thanks to Mr. Philip Graffam, pastor of the Lassan church, for allowing me access to the valuable church books and being able to catalog them.

This data bank includes all the persons contained in the church books and when possible the families to which they belonged.  Single persons without any connection are plentifully present as well as family members without a complete name.  Uniformity of church book entries first started in 1792 allowing families to become recognizable.  The oldest church books are occasionally in poor condition.  Also adding to the difficulty is the fact that earlier church entries were often very sketchy.  Foreign writers with a bit of poetic license often phonetically transcribed the Low German pronunciation of first and last names.

I started in the oldest books and tried to be true to the original text as far as possible.  Many names exist with up to ten variations.  The most common names are listed with their variations as aliases in the data bank so that they can be found next to the standardized name.  First names were taken from the christening entries even when that name was later added to, changed or omitted.

Critical evaluation of all dates was fundamental.  Only with a multi-faceted verification of data can the validity of names, surnames, occupations, places and family relationships increase.

A special request of all users of this data bank:  Please inform the author of any additional family information or data as well as mistakes you may find.  This data bank is a work in progress and is constantly updated.  Thanks to all that have already helped with this work.

Author:  Christian Boose, member of The Association of Computer Genealogy  Inc.
The Mouse,  The Society for Family Research in Bemen Inc.
Pomeranian Greif Inc.—The Association for Pomeranian Family and Local History

Special thanks for their friendly support with the compilation of the original text: Irmela Geibel, Gabi Neumann, Bärbel Borchardt,  Reneè Herrmann, Thomas Schultz

(Translated by Bradford Sidney Harper)

For further information concerning these data and, if you have additions, corrections or questions, please contact:
Christian Boose

Pommerscher Greif
OFB-Projekt und Forum

Dieses Werk ist lizenziert unter einer Creative Commons - Namensnennung 4.0 International Lizenz Creative Commons Lizenzvertrag