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Local heritage book Kröpelin

Kröpelin is a delightful town in the Moraine hill country called Kühlung in Mecklenburg-Pomerania with about 4,800 inhabitants.  It lies between the Hansa towns of Rostock and Wismar southwest of Bad Doberan and about 12 kilometers (7 miles) from the Baltic Sea. Kröpelin first appears in 1177 in the records as “Crapelin”, a Slavic settlement. In 1250 in a Gifting Deed of Prince Heinrich Borwin III it is designated as a town.  Kröpelin was also know as the “shoemaker’s town” because of the large number of shoemakers and shoemaker apprentices who settled here.

At one can get information on city events and at one can learn about its history.

My primary source for this databank was the copy of the church books of Kröpelin for the years 1859-1875, in which all the births along with the baptisms (including godparents), confirmations, marriages and deaths were recorded. This yielded 10,500 persons which I organized into families whenever possible. These captured years are but the beginning of a Family Heraldry Book (OFB) with the years from 1838 to 1858 planned to follow.  This will enlarge as well as change the present database and for this reason this data needs to be checked when used for personal use.

As secondary sources I used the following, in part:

  1. Places, Parishes and Government Offices in Mecklenburg, by the Mecklenburg Association of Family and Personal History, Inc. (MfP, Inc.).
  2. Citizen Books of Mecklenburg, F1 Kröpelin 1791-1918, by  Franz Schubert.
  3. Kröpelin Chronicles, Part 1 and 2, Publisher: City of Kröpelin, 2nd Edition.
  4. Personal family research.
  5. 1924 Rostock Address book in my personal possession.

Guidelines for Use:

  1. The name of the mother is only certain when it is obtained from the record of the child’s birth/baptism or death.  Only in these records are the mother and father recorded; by confirmations and marriages only the father is mentioned. The mother’s name is only recorded for illegitimate births.
  2. Occupation, residence and (birth) year (when mentioned and readable) are included with each person in order to establish relationships even when a person is deceased.
  3. For example, a person who is mentioned in year 1859, 1860 and 1861 may only have occupation or residence mentioned one of those years but have the name recorded for both dates.
  4. Burials: Kröpelin is given as the burial site when the person lived in Kröpelin. When a person resided at another place, no burial place is given.
  5. Starting December 1870, deaths included the birth date of the deceased.
  6. Starting December 1872, the birth date of the mother is recorded at the time of the child’s birth.
  7. Surname, given name, gest. v. means that the so named person is already deceased at the time of the event, for example, the deceased father of the bride.

The extracted church book entries, at present, include about 540 places from far and near such as Hamburg, present-day Lower Saxony, Schleswig-Holstein, and “America”. Verified old place names are certified with a GOV (geographical place lexicon) designation.

My thanks to Dr. H.-D. Gronau and Dr. Jens Alm from MfP as well as Dr. J. Peter Wurm from the Schwerin State Church Archive who trusted me with copies of the church books.
Likewise, I’d like to thank Mrs. Marie Renken for her encouraging support.  The program GenPlus by Gisbert Berwe was used to manipulate the data.
Anyone wishing to make additions to this databank as a result of personal research or wishing to correct mistakes, please contact the complier of this data bank at vera(at) . Data is continually being updated.

Complier: Vera C. Möller-Schwertner

Member of the following: The Society for Computer Genealogy, Inc.
Die Maus, Association for Family Research in Bremen, Inc.
And  The Society for Pomeranian Family and Local History, Inc.

(Translated by Bradford Sidney Harper)

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For further information concerning these data and, if you have additions, corrections or questions, please contact:
Vera Möller-Schwertner

Verein für mecklenburgische Familien- und Personengeschichte e.V.