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Local heritage book of Kettwig

The data of this local heritage book are mainly based on the church records of the ref. parish of Kettwig (now Essen-Kettwig) comprising:

  • Christenings 1636 – 1672 and 1707 – 1807,
  • Confirmations 1636 – 1672,
  • Marriages (date of first announcement) 1641 – 1669,
  • Marriages in alphabetical order (date of first announcement) 1708 – 1795,
  • Marriages (date of first announcement) 1795 – 1807,
  • Burials 1707 – 1807 as far as usable (partially unprecise or careless),
  • a small part of consistory records 1641 and later.

All these sources will not be especially remarked at the personal data. Other sources used to complete informations are signed up within the text. Whenever foreign church records show that the marriage (copulation) did really not take place at Kettwig, the Kettwig date was entered as an announcement.

First (VN) and second names (FN) are given in the orginal spelling. If not, there will be found a special note. One has to face the wellknown fact that every writer of the records wrote the names in his unterstanding. Up to 1707 the mother of a child is only known, if there is an appropriate wedding record. In the christenings records there are mentioned only the fathers. So in these years there are many unjoined women. At the other hand the relation father – child is doubtless.

Normally only the day of christening is known, not the day of birth. For better handling the date of christening until 1707 is also inserted to date of birth, marked by * or by (*) if not matrimonial. Later an update of software made this unnecessary. After 1707 there is only given the christening day if birthday is unkonwn.

As far as there were sources pointing out to which locality a matter belongs, this was registered. The parish of Kettwig enclosed not only the village or later the town of Kettwig, but also the "Honnschaften" (in today-spelling) Haarzopf, Hasselbeck, Ickten, Isenbuegel, Laupendahl, Oefte Raadt, Rosskothen, Schuir and Umstand.

Continuing work by aids of other genealogists (mainly investigating history of barnyards) and literature, the leaseholders or owners and their descendants were attached to the appropriate "Honnschaften". This may be helpful to find documents in archives not belonging to parishes, but comprising files and documents of properties, feudal law etc. There is no warranty for these attachments to be correct, even because some "Honnschaften" belonged to Kettwig only for a time or partially.

About 37 barnyards were registered (as Persons) with "first names" like "Haus – Hof – Kotten". In the field "Notizen" (= notes) there are several informations on the estate or the family.

I want to express my special gratitude to the parish of Kettwig for allowing me to process and publish the data in this way. Thanks also to those fellow genealogists who gave helpful support and accomplishment.

There is a gap of 35 years between the first and second church record book. The missing books are not lost, but really there were none. This is remarked at the end of 1672. So it was and is not so easy to find a connection to the next book, beginning 1707. Therefore I urgently request all users not only to announce possible errors, but also to present results of their own family research in order to fill the gap of 35 years or to connect unconnected persons. Time will show whether the bridge to the next records can be built, at least partially. All informations should be based on reliable sources. Otherwise one supposition will stand against the other.

Fortunately many hobby genealogist up to now contributed to this project. Therefore their lines are present also beyond the year 1807. I am grateful to all who made the results of their researches in archives and literature available.

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:: Contact
For further information concerning these data and, if you have additions, corrections or questions, please contact:
Hans-Wilhelm Tibbe