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Local heritage book of Horse Prairie, Randolph County, Illinois, USA

Historic Trinity Lutheran Church was organized in 1842 by German immigrants who settled in the Horse Prairie community of Southern Illinois. They built the first church in 1844. The present facility was dedicated in 1868.

Among the pastors who have faithfully served this congregation is Pastor Martin Stephan. Stephan, born August 13, 1777 in Stramberg, Moravia, is considered to be the "first Lutheran bishop in North America." Serving as a Lutheran pastor in Dresden, Germany, Stephan became the leader of the Saxon Immigration to Perry County, Missouri in 1839. He was called to Trinity in the Fall of 1845 and served as the first resident pastor, living in the church. He served this congregation until his death February 26, 1846. He was among the first to be laid to rest in Trinity's cemetery.
Since its beginning, the congregation has supported a Christian day school. The first school was erected in 1851.

In 1864 here was acting pastor of a register of community living in these families created. It leads to short descriptions for each family member: place and date of birth, immigration year, marriage, birth dates of children, and possibly death date. The title was chosen : : Register names of the links in the Association of Evangelical Lutheran congregation in the Horse Prairie Randolph County State of Illinois was introduced in the year of our Lord 1864 This name index provides the basis for the present family book. Most families are from the Fürstentümer (principalities) of Schaumburg, Schaumburg-Lippe, the Kingdom of Hanover, but also from Westphalia, Hessen, Holstein and Prussia.
Were supplemented the data from the “Register of deaths from 1920 to 1957." This register of deaths was in 1920 by Pastor E. Brauer started and by the year 1957 in the same Kirchenuch continued. Also here were brief descriptions of the deceased to the environment created. Further opening of the year are mixed, however the former German immigrants with other nations and immigrants from other U.S. states. This family paper was therefore only with data from the register of deaths, which was originally based on the German people relate. This also applies to data that is to me by other researchers have been provided.

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