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Local family database Südlicher Hochwald

This is the area of the southern part of the "Schwarzwälder Hochwald" as a part of the Hunsrück belonging to the Saarland and to Rhineland - Palatinate.
On a road map you can see this area near the highway triangle of Nonnweiler ( A1 - A62)
Until now the following places had been treated intensively:
  • The Roman Catholic parish of KASTEL
    with the villages Braunshausen, Buweiler, Kastel, Kostenbach, Rathen from abt. 1650 to 1900
  • The Roman Catholic parish of Lockweiler
    with the villages Altland, Dagstuhl, Krettnich, Lockweiler,Nuhweiler , Vogelsbüsch from abt. 1650 to 1900
  • The Roman Catholic parish of Neunkirchen/Nahe
    with the villages Bosen, Eckelhausen, Eisen. Eiweiler,Gonnesweiler, Neunkirchen/Nahe, Selbach, Nohfelden, Schwarzenbach, Sötern from abt. 1650 to 1900
  • The Jewish population from the surroundings of Bosen, Gonnesweiler, Sötern . etc.
    from abt. 1730 to 1900
  • The Evangelic Lutheric parish of Nohfelden
    from abt. 1700 to 1809
  • The Roman Catholic parish of Nonnweiler
    with the villages Bierfeld, Nonnweiler, etc.
    from abt. 1650 to 1810
  • The Roman Catholic parish of Primstal ( earlier Mettnich )
    with the villages Eiweiler, Primstal ( earlier Mettnich and Mühlfeld)
    from abt. 1650 to 1900
  • The Roman Catholic parish of Wadern
    with the villages Bardenbach, Gehweiler, Morscholz, Noswendel, Oberlöstern, Steinberg, Wedern and Wadern from abt. 1650 to 1900
  • The Roman Catholic parish of Weiskirchen with the villages Thailen, Weierweiler and Weiskirchen
    from abt. 1650 to 1830
Before 1792 these villages belonged whether to the Reichsherrschaft Dagstuhl , because of this there are very important noble names inside like VON HECHINGEN HOHENZOLLERN, whether to the Kurfürstentum Trier. Whether to the abbey St. Matthew in Trier, whether to the dukedom of Lothringen and so after Stanislas to the kingdom of France. After the congress of Vienna in 1816 most of this area became Prussian, the villages in the eastern part of it belonged to the dukedom of Oldenburg.
Before the French revolution marriages had only been possible between the inhabitants of the same government, but after it the people mixed themselves all over the country.

After the revolution the whole country belonged temporarily to the French DEPARTMENT DE LA Sarre up to 1816, later to Prussia and Oldenburg. Today this is a part of the Saarland and of Rhineland - Palatinate.

The families are tied together that you can find out by a click the other families related with. So the relations to the inhabitants of other villages are also shown immediately . Such connections lead therefore often to other regions far away, but you cannot research these other areas completely .
The sources of this information are very widespread we were unable to nominate them all here. If needed they can be demanded by the local offices.
A lot of emigrates from these villages could been added with their descendants in this database, especially in the USA, but only in the frame of the German law of data - protection .This work will be continued intending to add a larger part of the country.

All information had been compiled by Josef Besch (+ 2010) and Robert Schmitt (+ 2012) out of the sources nominated above. The sources are only available in German language.
Though of a most exactly work we cannot guarantee the correctness of all details. We were thankful for to have information about mistakes and for additions we could publish in the next update.

We are thankful for the many e-mails we received and for the very high acceptance of this web-site , especially for the many positive appreciations about it.

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Casle of Dagstuhl

Celtic walls near Otzenhausen

Nohfelden - citadel

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:: Contact
For further information concerning these data and, if you have additions, corrections or questions, please contact:
Hans Werner Schmitt

Dieses Werk ist lizenziert unter einer Creative Commons - Namensnennung 4.0 International Lizenz Creative Commons Lizenzvertrag