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Local heritage book Deutsch Rasselwitz

Deutsch Rasselwitz (pol. Racławice Śląskie) belongs to the community Oberglogau (pol. Głogówek) in the administrative region of Oppeln (Woiwodschaft Oppeln), in the county Neustadt in Upper Silesia (pol. Prudnik), situated at the border the the Czech Republic. The river Hotzenplotz (pol. Osobłoga) flows through the city and an old steelen bridge connects both parts of the location. Furthermore Deutsch Rasselwitz was an important traffic junction of the railway line between Neustadt and Leobschütz (pol. Głubczye).

During the research of my own family I tried to find the ancestors in Deutsch Rasselwitz, what means great difficulties because there are many people with the same name. So I started to record all data mentioned in the church books, disposable on micro films by the Mormons, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints, with a special computer program. Due to the small quantity of personal data like parents ect. I started with the year 1820.

So this is only the beginning of local heritage book with all disposable sources to Deutsch Rasselwitz, which we be extended and infrequently updated. At the moment following data of the Mormon films are completely recoreded:

  • Marriages for the time 1800-1868
  • Baptize for the time 1800-1858 and
  • Burials for the time 1800-1889

partly corresponding data have already been added, as well as further data, mentioned in the source-list at the end of this page.

I wish to point out that this database cannot replace your own family research, because also with greatest care I cannot guarantee that there are no mistakes in respect to personal data, locations or especially to family nexus. So I assume no liability for the accuracy of statement.

Disposed Sources:

Catholic Church Books on micro film from the Mormons

  • Baptizes 1659-1776, 1776-1830, 1831-1858
  • Marriages 1734-1858
  • Burials 1734-1801, 1801-1870
  • Burials 1843-1957 (partly included)

Catholic Church Books of Bremen-Blumenthal
(only for persons and families of  Deutsch Rasselwitz and surrounding places) –
By courtesy of the “Bistumsarchiv Hildesheim”.

  • Baptizes 1854-1897
  • Marriages 1854-1919
  • Burials 1854-1917

Advertisements in the “Neustädter Heimatbrief”
Data of private Family Studies


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For further information concerning these data and, if you have additions, corrections or questions, please contact:
Uta Bothe