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Local heritage book Bad Orb

Families from Bad Orb, family trees of families with family relations outside Bad Orb.
Christian and Jewish families from the surroundings of Bad Orb.

The first documented mention of "Orbaha" is found in a document dated December 1, 1059, when King Henry IV granted the monastery of Fulda the game ban on a forest in the Spessart. The description of the boundaries is based on the streams and rivers.( "....dehinc in fluvium Elehenbach et sic in Orbaha et per litus Orbaha ..")

With the deed of donation of King Heinrich IV. from 1064 Orbaha with the castle and the other accessories, also the saline wells, was handed over to the Electorate of Mainz. The close connection with Mainz lasted until 1803.

During the Thirty Years' War (1618 - 1648), Orb was plundered several times by Swedish and imperial troops, and some citizens paid for the raids with their lives. The prosperity of Orb at that time also suffered from the quartering of mercenaries and caused incredible costs to the town. The salt works were almost completely ruined and the number of inhabitants decreased rapidly.
During the siege of the Swedes in 1635/36, the town was hit by the plague.

Orb also had to make heavy sacrifices during the Napoleonic wars. The hardship and poverty of the population could not be increased any more, as it was stated in a petition of the citizens of Orb and some surrounding villages.

In 1814 Orb came to the crown of Bavaria. However much was done for the economic development, the prosperity of the former inhabitants could not be reached again after the Swedish War, the plague, the nationalization of the saltworks and the French wars, the population was impoverished.

In the peace treaty between Bavaria and Prussia of August 22, 1866, Orb came to the Crown of Prussia and was handed over in 1867. From 1865 the economic situation in the town improved with the establishment of the first cigar factory in the town.

Before that, in 1837, the pharmacist Franz Leopold Koch opened a brine bath. This was to be the beginning of a pleasant boom for the town. Johann Schneeweis bought the Soollbadeanstalt in 1860 and ran it until 1913. The bathing hotel built by the Schneeweis family in 1895 was the center of the spa and social life in Orb. At the beginning of the 20th century, the large spa park was laid out on the site of the salt mine, the new spa hotel opened, and the town was now called Bad Orb. The dispensing of the spa remedies took place in the bathhouses. New boarding houses, hotels and sanatoriums could accommodate the numerous guests.

Source of the pictures: Kurjournal Bad Orb 2007 und Archiv K.A. Ihl


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  • Hessian Main State Archives (lagis)
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  • City of Bad Orb - collective files of war deaths
  • Turkish tax lists 1542 and 1551
  • Muster lists 1591 - 1609
  • Invoices of the church builders in Orb 1570 - 1603
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  • Heimat - Yearbooks of the district Gelnhausen from 1949
  • and many other sources
  • Special thanks for the support to Achim Freund, Eberhard Strauss, Konrad Neumann, Mrs. Dr. Christina Reiche, Diözesanarchiv Fulda, and to all, who contribute with the additions from their families or from their research to the Ortsfamilienbuch Bad Orb.


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